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are you Marlou?

Marlou is wine bar and retailer of ‘natural’ wines from Europe and abroad, located in the city center of Budapest, behind the Opera. At Marlou, we believe in promoting natural wines: those that reflect their homeland, (wherever they came from) wines made by hand with no or minimal intervention, and where the winemaker shows maximum respect for the terroir.

Check the article from Wine Enthusiast about the natural wine scene in Hungary 

...“This is why I finally decided to come and live here,” says Ricard. “My goal is to help the local winegrowers to develop themselves by having an address which brings together wines made with low intervention.”...


gift card!

This wine voucher is your new best friend.
Let’s gift it to your beloved ones and let them decide how to enjoy it.
Everything is possible to enjoy and have the best experience at Marlou :
take-away bottles, wine tasting, bistro dinner...

come & drink

Marlou is open as a wine store, a bar and a bistro. Feel free to come and  look around and chat with us about wines.
We would like to satisfy all your desires or red, white or sparkling wine ... if you cannot come to Marlou's then Marlou comes to you!
Find our special selection of organic and natural wines from Hungary and Europe with our purchase and delivery service available.
Cheers !

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