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tuesday - thursday: 12 - 10 pm

friday-saturday 12-11 pm
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+36 1 950 9388


1065 budapest, lázár utca 16.  
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close encounters of the third kind

who we are

JJ, aka « Double J » or respectfully named « JoJo San » by some drunk Japanese guests in Paris (they’re good in nicknames too).

Born in the South of France (with Corsican roots),  in the land of pastis, cicadas and Brigitte Bardot, the good (wine) fairy came to him and he left to learn and study wine in Burgundy in the mid 90's, a time blessed for woody Chardonnay…

After being tempted by the dark side of overpriced Grands Crus trading (but no always tasteful) industry through Europe, US and Africa he returned to the light by creating his natural wine bar & store in 2006 with which he began importing Hungarian wines, not without some difficulties at the start

 "do they really do wine in Hungary?" 

Fell in love with Budapest and Hungarian culture for almost 20 years, (but not the language, bocsánat!) he definitely fell for the city with the opening of Marlou and he is now looking for a ‘wine-guru’ position on Paprika TV to guide the natives towards the path of natural wine.

Réka Sipos AKA Miss Csipős (spicy), and yes we’re that good with nicknames.

She has worked in restaurant in NZ, she formerly worked in a coffee and wine shops, immersing herself thoroughly in wine (not literally) a wine bar and importer was perhaps the inevitable next step. 

Hailing from Slovakia, Réka, when not swirling wine or cooking, likes to GYM: dancing, cycling – cavorting!

Her penchant for “les bulles” (bubbles) is renowned and that certain sparkle is prevalent in almost everything she does and life is simply not worth living without a minimum of two excellent batch brew coffee per day.

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