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Rheinhessen, Germany
25 ha


The Wittmann family winery was first mentioned in 1663 and the bottling of their own wines started in 1921. The experience of some 350 vintages over 15 generations figures large in the invaluable patrimony of the family. As early as the year 1990, the Wittmann family had converted all of their vineyards to organic cultivation. In doing this, Wittmann became one of Germany’s organic pioneers. The next step was made in 2004, with the further development of following biodynamic practises. After the selective hand-harvesting the grapes are sorted and selected in the winery, before being softly pressed. Fermentation takes place exclusively with natural yeasts.  Philipp Wittmann makes a charming, fresh and elegant Pinot Blanc with fresh pineapple, melon, herbs and fresh mint aromas.   He matures his wines on the lees for about 10 months in neutral oak barrels, which adds to the original intense minerality, roundness and complexity. The Grosses Gewächs range is one of the best expressions of the meet between riesling and a great terroir.

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