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Strekov, Slovakia
12 ha


1075 in the name of the winery is the date of the first written notation of Strekov village. This symbolizes their loyalty to the tradition, nature and values in  grape growing and wine making.

Zsolt is a creative and artistic man, he cultivates his vines and mainly trains them as bush vines in order to force their roots to go deeper making them less sensitive to drought.

In the cellar at Strekov 1075 wines ferment spontaneously in barrels and open vat fermenter without any intervention avoiding the use of sulphur as much as possible. Zsolt uses both traditional and experimental methods such as skin maceration, long lees contact or ageing under “flor“. We can resume his  natural wine philosophy by “nothing added, and nothing taken away”. Opening a bottle of Zsolt’s wine is always an unique experience !

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