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Nahe, Germany


Christine Pieroth’s family run the vineyard since 1781, in the Nahe region of Germany. Christine decided to create her own wine under the Piri Naturel label, to show a distinction between her classical family wines and her line. She focused on organic viticulture and natural methods on the viticultural side and in the cellar as well.  Christine has been inspired by her own work in her vegetable gardens, and is becoming more and more interested in biodynamic practices. The soil is one of the hottest and driest in Germany and it is incredibly  complex : volcanic, clay, limestone and slate. “You can feel it, you can taste it in the wine, this mix is a gift from mother nature. I am so blessed with it.”  - Piri says.
Fermentation with wild yeasts, german oak barrels are used and no temperature control.
The wines are pure and precise, unfiltered, unfined with no sulfur or very low amounts of it. 

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