Szerémség, Serbia
15 ha

Oszkár cultivates 15 hectares of land with horses in Szerémség. As a 4th generation winemaking family, Oszkár has very old vines including Kadarka from 1880, the oldest Kadarka on  Earth. There is also a strong focus on indigenous grapes like Furmint, Bakator, Kövidinka, Szerémi Zöld, Olaszrizling and Mézes Fehér. Oszkár Maurer’s aim is to grow grapes which are most suited to the best areas as well as using environmentally friendly methods to do so.  He uses spontaneous fermentation as he does not use any additives, so that the aromas given by the ‘terroir’ are not affected and he also uses a low level of sulphur. No chemical fertilisers, herbicides or insecticides; Oszkár avoids all kinds of chemicals that could be absorbed. Oszkár is probably one of the most authentic wine growers of natural wines in the country.


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