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Barabás, Hungary
3 ha


Annamária Réka is a young (and talented) wine grower running a small estate next to Barabás, north-east of Hungary. 

Before she became a winemaker, she was involved in horticulture and agronomy, and after some foreign experiences she irreversibly changed her look on the viticulture.

Today, there is no other cellar in Barabás except Annamária’s one.The production is very small, as many of the old vines have died due to the over-cropping they suffered during the Soviet era, during which the wine was sold as bulk to the other members of the Soviet Union. The replacement of the old plants is continuous, but it also means that the nearly three hectares of vineyard is only giving fruit on half of its area. Volcanic terroir, no fining or filtering and  minimum intervention in the cellar, the result is wines that have fullness and supple fruit as well as salty, mineral backbone. With very small, limited quantities, don’t miss them.

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