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Tokaj, Hungary
7 ha


This family estate (Kikelet means springtime)  was established in 2002 by Stéphanie, a french oenologist and her husband Zsolt. They are located near the village of Tarcal

and  cultivate 7 ha of vines, on a loess and volcanic soil. By time,  they acquired different parcels around Tarcal like Lónyai, Vati, Farkas, Lestas and  Kassai.

Stéphanie and Zsolt produce Aszú wines as well as dry Furmint and Hárslevelű. Tarcal’s terroir is known to give particularly elegant and balanced wines.

Fermentation starts with native yeast,then, the must  ferment in french and hungarian oak barrels in the two centuries old cellar. Wines mature in oak casks and most of the barrels are about 4 to 10 years old, so the fruity flavors of the grape are preserved.

Lónyai Hárslevelű is probably one of the most elegant and pure Hárslevelű you can find in the region.

Stéphanie won the hungarian “winemaker of the winemakers” prize in 2014, awarded by  the winemakers themselves.

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