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Niederösterreich, Austria
18 ha


Johannes Zillinger learned early on from his father about the craft of organic winemaking.  His father Hans turned to organic viticulture in 1983 and was one of its pioneers in Austria. When Johannes took over the winery and made it his own in 2013, he took it ever further and became biodynamic, starting a new chapter for the 350 year old winery. Johannes is absolutely involved in the biodynamic farming and he even grows his own herbs for tea tinctures to use as treatments in his vineyards. The soils are here  a mix of loess, loam, sandstone, limestone, and gravel. According to Johannes “ Being organic or biodynamic is not a trend, it’s a lifestyle and my family have been living it for over 35 years” and it is especially true here when no boundaries are being set for the development of wines in the cellar ( let’s have a taste at his Revolution line made with solera process! ). The wines are all spontaneously fermented, and minimal  sulfur could be added only at bottling. The goal is to keep purity, flavor, and precision.

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