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Villány, Hungary
7,5 ha


Horst Hummel founded his winery in 1998 in Villány, in the southern part of Hungary.  Just as most of the winemakers, he tried different approaches to winemaking until he found his way in 2008 through organic viticulture. Another 8 years passed before he started to experiment with biodynamic preparations. 

Horst believes that the centerpiece of quality viticulture is the soil. Only living soil can express its character through the vines. The fermentation is done spontaneously and all wines get bottled unfined and unfiltered with no or low additional sulphur.He believes that the art of  “élevage” is to do nothing at the right time. Bernstein from Hárslevelű grappe is a perfect example, fresh with dried peach, apricot and tangerine peel flavors.

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