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Eger, Hungary
4,5 ha


Hegyi-Kaló produces authentic traditional wines from local grapes varieties, in their beautiful land outside of Eger. The Kaló family makes wines in their modest cellar hand carved out of the hillside behind their house, so don’t expect a modern Californian type winery here!

Imre Kaló, has become a figure of Hungarian winemaking due to  his atypical methods, both on viticulture and vinification side (for example more than ninety days of skin maceration for both reds and whites).

Since 2010, Julia (Imre’s daughter) and her husband Adam have been running the winery.

The delicious and fully aromatic  ‘Örökségül’ or ‘heritage’ wines are the fruit of  the young couple who are creating  their own wine identity.

The family estate cultivates the vineyards organically  by traditional methods: hand harvested grapes, fermentation with native yeasts, ageing in hungarian oaks barrels for years without any additions and no filtration or fining before bottling.

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