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Alsace, France
8 ha


Based in Bergheim, the Sylvie Spielmann domain is unique both by its terroirs and by the personality of its owner.

Gypsum is very present in the soils and it is responsible for a particular micro-climate; the clay-marl-limestone soils are quite heavy therefore  the climate is a little later than elsewhere in Alsace.

In addition, the estate also exploits two grands crus: Altenberg de Bergheim and Kanzelberg (the smallest Grand Cru in Alsace).

The grapes are picked by hand, depending on the maturity of each plot, and delicately transported to the press room.

After a soft press, the juice starts his fermentation in wooden vats, or stainless steel tanks. No selected yeast or chemical substances are added. It is with slowness and respect for natural process that the wine develops all its complexity and gives each year the characteristics so unique of each terroirs of this area. 

Small tanks allow the plots to be vinified separately, thus preserving the expression and typicity of each terroirs.

Sylvie’s wines are greedy, full of sincerity and precision.

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