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Burgundy, France
6 ha


In 2002, Hélène Jaeger-Defaix took over her first vineyard in Rully 1er cru Mont-Palais white (South Burgundy) .This plot is a part of a wine-farm entirely situated in Rully 1er cru white and red that Hélène was wishing to manage in order to carry on the viticultural tradition of the family, winegrowers since the 16th century. Since the beginning of 2005, they have been managing the estate. The domain moved to organic farming in 2009. Hélène works with her husband Didier Defaix. The maintenance of the soils is made by ploughing exclusively and the harvest is made by hand only. For the whites the wine stays on its fine lees during 12 months, during this time, the lees can be regularly moved by batonnage to give more « fat » to the wine. For the reds, after fermentations, the wine is aged 12 months in oak barrels, not new for the AC Rully and partly new for the 1ers crus. The wines are bottled about 18 months after harvest and the target is to preserve the characteristics of each terroir and to let them express themselves.

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