Alsace, France
10 ha

The vineyard, located in the village of Ammerschwihr, in Alsace, certified in organic farming (ECOCERT) and cultivated in biodynamics and phytotherapy for many years. The grapes  are harvested in over-ripeness, after traditional hand harvest. The wine making follows a way without any oenological input. The grape juices ferment for several months if necessary, until dry wines are obtained (except for the sweet wines of course). They’re ageing their wines on fine lees, from 11 to 36 months, mainly in centenary oak barrels, barring exceptions, the wines are neither sulphited nor filtered. Finally, they let the wines age for 3 more years before releasing them on the market. On their 10 hectares of vines, the family produces each year different types and combinations of several grape varieties and terroirs, specific to Alsace. They also produce about twenty different varieties of « eaux de vie ».


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