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Ardèche, Rhône, France
5 ha


Having left the Czech Republic and after many meetings (Domaine Hauvette, Gérald Oustric..), Andrea Calek stopped in the heart of Ardèche in 2007. There are essential winemakers when we talk about natural wines and Andrea Calek is one of them. Based in the village of Valvignières, Andrea cultivates a small area of ​​vines located around his cellar. Here, everything is done by hand and without any input, Andrea and Stefana try to preserve the purity of the fruit in the wines they make and it must be said that the bet is successful. The wines of Andrea Calek are uncompromising bottles, with a great freshness as well as a large degree of drinkability : Syrah, Carignan and Grenache are pure, lively grape juices rich in sensations. Unfortunately far too rare.

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